The benefits of facial feminisation surgery

Dr paul gerarchi

As part of your transformation, you might be considering facial feminisation surgery.

Dr Paul Gerarchi wants to help you take the final steps toward your authentic self. To Dr Gerarchi and our supporting team of experienced and highly trained health professionals, the most satisfying aspect of our work is creating balance and harmony for our patients wherever we can. This means we will endeavour to forge a genuine bond with you, and once you have met with Dr Gerarchi, he can begin to understand you better and gain an insight into the kind of treatment that will be beneficial to your unique facial feminisation journey.

Starting Your Journey

The very best surgeons find a way to make positive changes that are visible in a variety of different expressions and not just physically. The way you walk and talk, and the feeling of personal identity can be transformative to patients who decide to make permanent changes to their appearance. For Dr Gerarchi, it is this part of the journey that is the most rewarding and our culture of safety, satisfaction and quality allows you to realise total peace of mind and the confidence to go on and live your best life.

Let’s have a look at some of the facial feminisation surgery options and see what they entail.

Facial Feminisation Surgery

Our brains have an evolutionary quirk whereby they recognise ‘male’ and ‘female’ faces according to their structure. The same goes for ‘young’ and ‘old’. This happens within a fraction of a second and this assessment from our brains can betray a person’s ability to be seen as they want to be seen. Facial feminisation can help you to unveil your authentic self. Dr Gerarchi will work in collaboration with your existing beauty in order to create a result that is harmonious, natural-looking result.

Changes made to the forehead, cheeks, nose, lips, eyes and jaw among others are able to give your features a more feminine appearance. Dr Gerarchi is a cosmetic and reconstructive specialist and surgeries of the head and neck are performed to the very highest standards, so you can expect the utmost quality of care. The benefits of facial feminisation surgery are there for anyone who wants to take those last few steps towards themselves.

Facial Feminisation Surgery Options

Dr Gerarchi offers an array of procedures that will each contribute something unique to your facial feminisation surgery journey and will be instrumental in defining your ideal appearance. Forehead reshaping surgery is exactly as it suggests and aims to give you your ideal appearance by altering its aesthetics. This is an area in which Dr Gerarchi excels and has lectured nationally and internationally on the subject.

There are a number of surgeries available that are not used exclusively for facial feminisation surgery that can dramatically alter your current features to make them more feminine.

These include a;

Other surgeries that may be used to achieve your ideal aesthetic are:

As our patient, you will also receive compassionate, supportive care before and after facial feminisation surgery performed by Dr Gerarchi and the team. For more information on these facial feminisation surgeries or to make an appointment with Dr Gerarchi, please click here.