Why you should consider a lip lift

Dr paul gerarchi

Lip lifts are a great way to rejuvenate your facial aesthetics.

Whether simply by naturally ageing or UV exposure, our faces can begin to show traces of strain. A lip lift is able to help you achieve a sense of facial harmony by shortening the distance between your nose and your top lip. It can be immensely frustrating, and at times, disheartening to feel like your features are fading. This procedure can shorten your upper lip and highlight its natural profile to help you to reclaim your mouth’s youthful contours

What A Lift Lip Can Do for You

A lip lift can benefit your appearance in a number of ways and those who do decide to have the surgery will do so with their own reasons in mind. Some patients may feel that the distance from the bottom of their nose to their upper lip is disproportionate, others may have a slender upper lip that gives them a worried or angry appearance. Perhaps an upper lip that hides the teeth beneath it when the lips are parted slightly or lips that over time have taken on the hallmarks of a frown as their corners begin to dip. Whatever your reason, a lip lift can offer a major makeover or address a subtlety that compliments the rest of your features.

Upon your initial consultation with Dr Gerarchi, you will determine which lip lift treatment will be an ideal fit for you and after a meticulous assessment, begin to put a plan in place for your procedure. Lip lifts are available in two types of procedures, a central lip lift and a corner lip lift. A central lip lift is focused on the raising of the upper lip in order to shorten the distance between it and the bottom of the nose. A central lip lift is concerned with correcting the corners of the mouth that may have become downturned and to turn them upward once more. Patients who suffer from this turned down state would benefit greatly from a corner lip lift.

Superior Lip Lift Treatment from Dr Paul Gerarchi

Much of your happiness with the treatment will depend largely on selecting the right procedure to suit your specific needs. For those patients who have opted against dermal fillers, a lip lift eliminates the possibility that their lips may appear unnatural or exaggerated. Dr Paul Gerarchi uses his vast experience during your consultation to determine whether or not you stand to benefit from a lip lift. In partnership with Dr Gerarchi, you will begin the first steps toward lips that are beautiful.

A pivotal part of the process is that you and Dr Gerarchi work together to realise your ideal appearance and we will discuss any questions or concerns you may have at length to give you expert counsel and care. Lip lifts are performed under local anaesthetic by Dr Gerarchi and his team of highly trained health professionals who will go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure your comfort and peace of mind.

A lip lift will usually take around 90 minutes or less to complete and will leave no visible scarring on your way to the lips you deserve.

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