What is facial feminisation surgery?

Dr paul gerarchi

Facial Feminisation Surgery

The anatomy of the human face is so precise that with just one look, we are able to identify the difference between male, female, old and young within a fraction of a second. This is because there are certain physical aspects on the face that belong more to a particular gender and age group. However, when it comes to masculine and feminine, these features do not always align with the patient’s gender which is where facial feminisation and facial masculinisation surgery is recommended. It is a set of surgical procedures that alter the features to match those of the desired sex.

What is facial feminisation surgery?

Dr Paul Gerarchi works closely with your already existing facial features to ensure a natural and harmonious result. He will perform alterations to the forehead, cheeks, nose, lips, eyes, jaw and other features to create a more feminine appearance. When undertaking any permanent, appearance-altering procedures, it is important that patients are aware of the various options available that can help them achieve the look they desire. Facial feminisation can combine a number of these different surgeries for the optimum result.

Forehead reshaping

The forehead comprises the entire upper third of your facial structure, making it an important feature that basically frames the entire face. The forehead may make the face appear too masculine, too feminine or simply unbalanced when compared to other facial features. Forehead reshaping usually involves the brown bone being reconstructed via an incision made either on or behind the hairline.

Adam’s apple reduction

The thyroid cartilage, more commonly known as the Adam’s apple, is one of the most noticeable gender-related differences between men and women. Though it is still present in women, it is barely noticeable, making a largely visible Adam’s apple a more masculine trait. This procedure involves reducing or shaving this cartilage down to give the neck and throat a more feminine appearance.


The nose is the centrepiece of the face and a key element in providing harmony between facial features. Some patients feel that the aesthetics of their nose do not match with their facial features or have perceived issues that they do not like but can all be rectified with rhinoplasty. This procedure can correct the shape, projection and prominence of the nose.

Chin reduction and reshaping

A misshapen chin can throw your entire appearance off due to its critical role in balancing facial features. Genioplasty or a chin reshaping and reduction procedure can alter the shape and projection of the chin to bring it into proportion with your facial features. The procedure may involve moving or altering the chin bone to sculpt a more attractive lower face profile. It is considered to be a vital component of facial feminisation surgery.

Mandibular angle reduction

A jawline is quite particular to specific genders which is why when it is out of proportion, it can throw off the facial balance. Women with particularly strong and wide jaw angles may feel that this prominence is preventing the feminine look they desire. And for those undergoing male-to-female transition, a more sleek and feminine jawline is usually more desirable.

Facelift and neck lift

Age, gravity and sun damage can all lead to visible signs of aging of the face and neck. A facelift and neck lift can offer reversal of these symptoms to provide a more youthful appearance. Over time, skin and underlying facial ligaments lose elasticity as fat deposits begin to rest in the lower parts of the face, causing the loss of definition. A facelift can help to redefine the face, tighten the skin’s appearance and re-elevate contours for a younger appearance.

Brow Lift

Eyebrows can convey a great deal of non-verbal communication. With age and skin laxity, eyebrows can appear perpetually worried, angry or tired because of a drooping brow line. Deep creases across the forehead can also lead to a prematurely aged appearance. A browplasty can rejuvenate the appearance of the brows to give a more youthful appearance.

Hairline lowering

Since the forehead makes up the entire top third of the face, a hairline that starts too far back can give the forehead the appearance of being disproportionately long. Also known as a forehead reduction, this surgical procedure shortens the distance between the hairline and brow line for those wishing to appear younger or more feminine since a high or rising hairline tends to be viewed as aging and masculinising.

If you are considering any facial feminisation or masculinisation procedures, please book a consultation with Dr Gerarchi, who will be able to provide the best treatment options for you to achieve the look you desire.