What is facial feminisation?

Dr paul gerarchi

Facial feminisation is a collection of surgical procedures designed to make a masculine face more feminine. While it is primarily requested by patients transitioning from male to female, but it can also be used to create a more feminine appearance for a woman that is not completely satisfied with her features. Dr Gerarchi is a facial plastic surgeon who offers facial feminisation options for his Sydney area patients, transforming their appearance and their lives.

The Male vs. the Female Face

While individuals may go to great lengths to turn themselves into the gender they were always meant to be, if they stop with body procedures, they may not be fully satisfied with their results. Your facial features demonstrate your gender to the world, and when they do not fit with the rest of your appearance, it can have a substantial impact on your self-esteem. By honing your features to provide the finishing touches on your feminisation, you can be confident your outer appearance matches how you feel on the inside.

Procedures Included in Facial Feminisation

There are a variety of surgical options Dr Gerarchi might suggest to complete your facial feminisation process:

  • Making improvements to the upper face – In addition to creating a less prominent shape to the forehead, we can lower the hairline and raise the brow line for a more feminine look to the upper portion of the face.
  • Enhancing the eyes – Some patients may choose to have eyelid surgery to open up the eyes and make them look larger. We can also create a smoother eyelid that makes it easier to apply makeup, and adjust the bones around the eyes to produce a more feminine look.
  • Adding cheek definition – Male cheeks tend to be flatter than a woman’s, but augmentation can add the fullness and definition to the cheeks that give you a decidedly feminine appearance. This procedure also decreases the height of the midface to enhance your new look further.
  • Altering the nose – As the central focal point of the face, it is imperative to create a more feminine slope and shape to the nose as a part of your facial feminisation process. Rhinoplasty can help you achieve a nose that is smaller and more curved than a typical male nose.
  • Improving the lips – You may decide to make some changes to your lips as well, raising the upper lip slightly for a more delicate curve to the mouth and adding sensual fullness to the lips. We reduce the space between the nose and lip while adding a more feminine shape to the mouth overall.
  • Narrowing the chin and jawline – While men tend to want a jawline that is strong and well-defined, women prefer a softer, narrower silhouette to the lower face. By reducing the jaw muscle and the size of the chin, we can enhance that area to your specifications.
  • Shaving the trachea – Men have a much more prominent Adam’s apple than women, so an essential component in facial feminisation surgery is to alter this area as well. A tracheal shave reduces the size of the Adam’s apple, eliminating the protrusion and creating a sleeker neck contour.

Results You Can Trust

Facial feminisation is a complex process that should only be entrusted to a specialist surgeon with ample experience in each of these procedures. Dr Gerarchi is prepared to customise your facial feminisation to your precise needs, ensuring results that are both natural and beautiful for you. To find out more about any of these procedures or facial feminisation in general, contact our team today.