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Below you can find answers to some of the questions we are regularly asked. If you have a question which isn’t here, please feel free to contact our friendly team.

If you would like to request an appointment with Dr Gerarchi, you can either call us on (02) 9412 4599, or complete our Book A Consultation form.

We understand that sometimes things happen unexpectedly, but we do request that you please provide at least 24 hours notice should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. This then allows us to offer your time to another patient and prevent long waiting times to reschedule your consultation. Your understanding and cooperation with this is greatly appreciated.

Dr Paul Gerarchi’s practice is located at Suite 4, 12-14 Malvern Avenue, Chatswood.

Malvery Avenue is directly behind Chatswood Chase Shopping Centre, on the northern end. While there is some on-street parking available, this is limited; Chatswood Chase Shopping Centre’s car park is only a 5 minute walk.

If you are catching public transport, it is a 10 minute walk from the bus terminal and train station at Chatswood Interchange to our practice.

We will advise you of the fees associated with your consultation when we speak to you about your booking. Should you have a valid specialist referral to see Dr Gerarchi, you should be eligible for Medicare rebate. Private health insurance does not provide a rebate for your consultation fee.

It should be noted that all fees for your consultation are payable at the time. Our practice is pleased to be able to accept cash, bank cheques, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and EFTPOS payments.

The cost of any surgery or cosmetic procedure you decide to undergo will be quoted to you individually after Dr Gerarchi has ascertained your exact treatment needs and complexity. Without this consultation, it is impossible for us to provide you with a price, as there are so many variables.

Private health insurance and Medicare generally do not offer any cover for most cosmetic procedures and surgeries, though there are some exceptions to this. Should your procedure qualify for a rebate, it is important that you be aware there will be a “gap” between the rebate amount and our fees which you will be required to pay.

Should you decide to proceed with a surgical or cosmetic procedure with Dr Gerarchi, there is a non-refundable deposit which you will be required to pay to secure your treatment time. We also require that all surgical fees be paid prior to your surgical procedure.

At your consultation with Dr Gerarchi, your goals and concerns will be discussed at length. Dr Gerarchi will also conduct a thorough examination, and take your medical history into consideration, before providing his advice on the best way to proceed to achieve the results you desire.

During your examination, Dr Gerarchi will closely examine your face and take photographs; these are for your records, and to aid in discussions with you.

Dr Gerarchi will discuss all options with you, as well as the projected outcome of your surgery, and any potential complications or risks associated with it.

It is of utmost importance that you are completely honest in your answers about your health, lifestyle, and desired outcomes at this time; the success and safety of your operation depends on it.

Some things you should be prepared to discuss with Dr Gerarchi include:

Your expectations
Medical conditions and previous treatments
Previous cosmetic treatments
Previous surgeries
Your use of medications, vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, tobacco and drugs.
Should you still have any questions, or feel uncertain about anything to do with your procedure following your initial consultation with Dr Gerarchi, it is recommended you schedule another appointment. Dr Gerarchi may also request to see you again prior to your surgery too so as to ensure everything about your procedure is well mapped out, and to ensure all your questions have been answered.

We recommend all patients optimise their health prior to undergoing surgery. Healthy patients always recover from their procedure more, experience fewer complications, and generally achieve a more positive results as a whole.

Smoking, diet, alcohol and health conditions linked to medications can all have an impact on the outcome of surgery, as well as the down time associated with your recovery.

If you are a smoker, we recommend you stop smoking at least two weeks prior to your surgery. Please also limit your intake of any other toxins such as alcohol and drugs. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are also highly advantageous.

Dr Gerarchi provides each and every patient with detailed instructions on what you should and should not do following your surgical procedure. We strongly urge you to follow these instructions closely so as to ensure the best possible results.

It is important that you avoid subjecting surgical incisions to excessive motion, force, or abrasion during your healing period. Please be gentle to both your wound, and your self in the days immediately after your surgery. Rest is of utmost importance during this time, and for some procedures you may be best to have someone with you to help with your care, and other household tasks. If you have been prescribed with medications, please ensure you take these as directed as they will aid with your healing process, and reduce the risks of infection.

It is essential that you also attend follow-up appointments scheduled for you. Please contact our rooms should you have any concerns after your procedure.

The decision to undergo any surgery is an extremely personal one. It is of utmost importance that you fully understand the procedure, and have any concerns addressed prior to undergoing any surgery.

There are very real risks and limitations associated with plastic surgery. At your consultation, Dr Gerarchi will explain your procedure in depth and ensure you fully understand the procedure and any risks or complications associate with it.