Chin Reduction and Reshaping

Reshape your silhouette, and self-confidence

Your chin serves a critical role in balancing your facial features. When it is misshapen in some way, it can throw your entire appearance off. Whether you are looking to change the size of your chin, make it more masculine or feminine, or add softness or definition to the jawline, chin reshaping surgery could help you to achieve the aesthetic your desire.

Otherwise known as genioplasty, a chin reshaping and reduction procedure can restore harmony to your face. This procedure can alter the shape and projection of the chin to bring it into proportion with all your other facial features. To sculpt a more attractive profile to your lower face, the procedure may involve moving or altering the chin bone. Chin reduction and reshaping is an important component of facial feminisation surgery

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Meeting your surgeon

A though assessment of your facial structure and chin placement will be conducted in your initial consultation with Dr Gerarchi. All efforts will be made to answer your questions, listen to your concerns and provide you with confidence in the procedure. This is critical to ensuring your satisfaction with the final result.

In some cases, complementary procedures or treatments may be recommended to further enhance the results of your chin reshaping surgery. If he believes these procedures would suit your goals, Dr Gerarchi will advise you of your options. For example, orthodontic treatment may be recommended to correct dental issues such as an abnormal bite to further enhance the appearance and function of your jaw.

Dr paul gerarchi

Your chin reshaping journey

Before your procedure begins, you will be placed under general anaesthesia. Depending on the specific concerns to be addressed during your procedure, Dr Gerarchi will begin by making small incisions under the chin or inside the mouth. Your desired look will then be creating by sculpting the chin and repositioning the bones around the area.

Implants may be required to achieve your chosen look, in which case Dr Gerarchi will help you choose the type, size and shape of the implant which will achieve your goals. Silicone, medpor or gortex implants can inserted, all having their own pros and cons during chin surgery. When chosen properly for your individual needs and facial proportions, all of these implants provide a natural, permanent enhancement to your facial profile.

Your recovery

In the days immediately after your chin reduction and reshaping procedure, you will notice swelling and bruising around the area. This will likely take up to a fortnight to subside. During this time, a soft diet is recommended to protect your mouth and prevent additional discomfort. A swift and successful recovery will be ensured by following your post-operative instructions carefully.

It is important to note that your chin may still show signs of swelling for months post-surgery. However, your chin will settle to show its permanent new shape, contour and definition within a couple of months, allowing you to feel and look healthier and more confident, while still maintaining a natural aesthetic.

Your post-surgical journey

Though it is a case-by-case decision, you will likely remain overnight and return home the day following your surgery. Dr Gerarchi will monitor your progress following your procedure and advise what is best moving into your recovery period.

Before your surgery, Dr Gerarchi will schedule specific follow-up appointments with you during your recovery period. At these follow-up appointments, sutures will be removed, healing will be assessed and all of your questions answered.

Managing your pain and recovery

All necessary medication to make your recovery both smooth and comfortable will be prescribed by Dr Gerarchi. Both antibiotics and mouthwash may be given to eliminate the possibility of infection, with oral hygiene being a priority. Our aim is to have you looking and feeling better as quickly as possible while remaining comfortable while you are healing. During your initial consultation, Dr Gerarchi will explain the healing period and what you can expect in that time. For any queries and concerns during the recovery process, we are only a phone call away.

If you would like to know more about chin reduction and reshaping procedures, contact our office today. Dr Gerarchi and the team would be happy to discuss your options with you and provide you with the answers you need.