Craniofacial Surgery

Repairing and correcting your facial features

The daily physical and psychological challenges which come with a facial deformity, malformation or disfigurement can be truly crippling. Due to the highly specialised and sensitive nature of correcting these issues, it is essential you choose a surgeon with extensive expertise in this area. As both an otolaryngologist and facial aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr Paul Gerarchi’s expertise, compassion and care can be truly life-changing for those seeking to restore their facial function and appearance.

Dr Gerarchi completed his cranofacial surgery training at the Cranofacial, Reconstructive & Reconstructive Surgery unit of the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital in London. He continues to work with this team via the charity, Facing The World.

Dr paul gerarchi

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”  Lao Tzu

Meeting your surgeon

During your initial consultation with Dr Paul Gerarchi you will be given the opportunity to discuss your personal concerns and goals for treatment.

Due to the complexity of some craniofacial surgeries, it is possible you may require more than one consultation to ensure you are fully prepared for your treatment. Some initial testing may also be required to ensure you are provided with the safest and most successful outcome possible.

Once your procedure has been designed, Dr Gerarchi will explain your journey in detail, so you will know exactly what to expect.

Dr paul gerarchi

Your craniofacial surgery journey

Depending on the exact circumstances of your surgery, your procedure may be performed either under a local anaesthesia with sedation, or a general anaesthesia. If the procedure is to be performed on a child, it is most common that a general anaesthesia will be administered to ensure the easiest possible journey for them.

The incisions required for your procedure will also vary depending on your unique circumstances, however you should rest assured that Dr Gerarchi will take the utmost care possible to ensure they are placed to minimise visible scarring as much as possible.

In some cases it is even possible that incisions will be placed inside the mouth or within the hairline.

The time required to complete your surgery will also be dependent on your circumstances; this could vary from just an hour, to many hours.

Dr Gerarchi will discuss all of these elements with you at length so you will know what to expect, and if you will require hospitalisation following your surgery or not.

Your recovery

In the days following your surgery it is likely you will experience some discomfort, bruising and swelling; these should resolve relatively quickly. You will also be provided with post-operative instructions; please follow these closely to ensure the best possible outcomes for your procedure.

Managing your pain and recovery

To ensure your comfort during the recovery process, in most cases you will be provided with oral pair relief medication. You may also be prescribed with an antibiotic to reduce any risk of infection following your surgery. Further to this, you may receive instructions on any supplements or over-the-counter medications which could affect the safety and success of you recovery. Please ensure you discuss any medications or supplements you may already be taking with Dr Gerarchi.

Your post-surgical journey

Following your craniofacial surgery, you will need to attend at least one follow-up appointment with Dr Gerarch so he can ensure you recovery is progressing positively.

If your surgery is complex, it is possible you will require more than one follow-up consultation. These appointments are all aimed at ensuring the best possible results from your surgery.

To request your craniofacial surgery consultation with Dr Paul Gerarchi, or to find out more about this procedure, please do not hesitate to contact our office.