CT Designed Custom Facial Implants

A custom approach to achieving your ultimate facial harmony

If certain features of your face do not have the prominence or contours you desire, it may leave you feeling as if your facial aesthetics are out of balance. Thanks to advancements in facial implants, it is now possible to customise implants to your exact facial proportions, so you can achieve the facial proportion and harmony you desire. Through the use of CT scanning and other technology, it is possible to tailor this treatment to your unique circumstances, providing extremely natural and pleasing results. Improved symmetry is also facilitated by using these custom implants.

Dr paul gerarchi

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”  Lao Tzu

Meeting your surgeon

During your consultation with Dr Gerarchi, careful assessment of your needs and goals will be made to help determine whether standard implants or custom designed implants will provide the best results for you. Often great results can be achieved in the chin and jaw using standard shaped and sized implants, while the best results in the cheeks and temples may be achieved through the use of customised implants.

Dr Gerarchi will provide you with an accurate idea of what to expect from your implant procedure during your consultation. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the procedure, and raise any concerns you might have. Whether your implants are standard or customised, each and every procedure is customised to specifically meet your unique needs and goals.

Dr paul gerarchi

Your journey to facial balance

To begin your custom implant journey, Dr Gerarchi will conduct CT scans and other tests to provide an exact map of what is required to fit perfectly with your facial features.

From here Dr Gerarchi will have your customised implants created ready for your scheduled surgery.


You will have input into what your implants look like. The whole process usually takes about six visits to review the finished custom implants.

In most cases facial implant surgery is conducted under general anaesthesia. Incisions to place your implants are carefully planned to minimise scarring; often they are within the mouth if it is possible.

Your recovery

Like all implant procedures, you will likely experience a certain degree of swelling or bruising around the incision sites in the days after your surgery.

This should resolve within a few days.

Managing your pain and recovery

In order to make your recovery process as comfortable and restful as possible, Dr Gerarchi will prescribe you with oral pain relief medication. You may also be prescribed with antibiotics to help prevent infection. It is important you discuss any medications or supplements you are currently taking with Dr Gerarchi prior to your procedure as, in some cases, they may cause excessive bleeding or other complications.

Dr Gerarchi will provide you with specific post-operative instructions to help ensure you experience a safe and successful recovery. In order to achieve the very best possible outcomes, please follow these closely. You will also be provided with dates for follow-up appointments with Dr Gerarchi so he can monitor your recovery process, ensuring optimal results.

If you would like to find out more about CT designed custom facial implants or to request a consultation with Dr Paul Gerarchi, please do not hesitate to contact our office.