Skull Reshaping

Shape your new future

The shape of your skull is not something you probably think about on a regular basis – if at all. It might not be until you experience hair loss at the scalp that certain abnormalities, asymmetries or misshapen areas become apparent. Suddenly, the shape of your skull is at the forefront of your mind and you are left with a sense of despair every time you catch your reflection.

Skull reshaping surgery can help you if you are unhappy with your skull’s noticeable bumps, ridges and curves – whether you are experiencing hair loss or not.  The surgery uses tools to either add to or remove parts of the bone, leaving you with the skull shape you desire. To achieve this, Dr Gerarchi works carefully in your consultation so the final result is as close to perfection as it can be.

Dr paul gerarchi

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”  Lao Tzu

Meeting your surgeon

Meeting your surgeon to discuss the procedure and your specific case, is the first step in your exciting journey. The consultation is the perfect opportunity for you to express your queries or anxieties and to communicate what you want to accomplish.  Communication between you and your surgeon is important to ensure the very best possible outcome for both. Although it sounds daunting, skull reshaping surgery is far less invasive than it appears and you will find that with the expert advice and knowledge of Dr Gerarchi will leave your feeling confident and trusting in the process and eager for to see results.

Dr paul gerarchi

Preparing for your surgical journey

For those considering the procedure, a number of factors need to be considered in relation to the shape of your skull and the results that you hope to gain. The amount of skin on the will need to be sufficient to cover the new shape of the skull.

Dr Gerarchi will assess your skull closely and skilfully to determine the perfect entry points for the surgery, minimising the risk of visible scarring.

Your skull reshaping journey

You may seek solace in the knowledge that, in most cases, the head does not actually have to be shaved to perform the surgery, meaning you can be back to looking like your normal self sooner. Dr Gerarchi and his team will be there to support and care for you through the entire process on the day of the surgery.

Skull reshaping is performed using a general anaesthesia and small, carefully placed incisions will be made around the affected area to keep visible scarring to a minimum.

These incisions will reveal the skull bone and the necessary correction will be made. If your skull has an indentation, this might involve inserting a specialized implant or biocompatible materials. For a misshapen section of the skull, a rotary tool may be used to smooth any bumps.

Dr Gerarchi’s state-of-the-art techniques will result in a final outcome that is both functional and sculpted to perfection.

Your recovery

Soon after the surgery, you will be permitted to return to the comfort of your own home to give your body the vital rest it needs to heal. It is important to minimize irritation and contamination at the site of the sutures, so Dr Gerarchi will carefully bandage the area and will recommend it remains in place for approximately 24 hours.  It is highly likely that you will be back to your usual activities – like washing your hair – two days after the surgery and careful instructions will be given on exactly how to do so without disturbing the affected area.

You may experience some bruising and swelling, but it is likely to be minimal. Dr Gerarchi will recommend that you sleep with your head in an elevated position to assist you in achieving your cosmetic goals sooner. Thanks to the dissolvable sutures used during the procedure, you will not have to return to the clinic for their removal. However, as your recovery, wellbeing and satisfaction is a top priority for Dr Gerarchi, a number of follow-up appointments will be scheduled to evaluate the healing process. Once the swelling fully subsides in approximately six weeks post-surgery, you will finally see your beautiful final result.

Managing your pain and recovery

You will be provided with pain medication and antibiotics to enable a comfortable and healthy recovery.

It is recommended that you discuss any external medication – including non-prescription medication like Ibuprofen – with your surgeon before the surgery as they can thin the blood and increase bleeding both during the surgery and on your road to recovery.

Skull reshaping surgery is a relatively straightforward procedure when it is performed by an experienced surgeon like Dr Gerarchi. To learn more about this surgery, contact Dr Paul Gerarchi’s Sydney office today.