Brow Lift

Refresh and restore your youthful vitality

So much non-verbal communication takes place through your eyebrows; raised eyebrows can indicate excitement or interest, while lowered eyebrows can communicate anger, worry, or exhaustion. As you age and you skin loses its laxity, you can be left with a perpetually worried, angry or tired expression through a drooping brow line. You may also be left with deep creases across the forehead and between the eyebrows, which can add to a prematurely aged appearance.

Through a brow lift procedure, also known as ‘browplasty’, it is possible to rejuvenate the appearance of your brows, and ensure they’re communicating your true inner reality.


Is a browlift only for women?

No, not at all. Browlift surgery is suitable for both men and women. The procedure simply requires a little more finesse and accuracy when it comes to men. This is because on the male face, the eyebrow goes straight across the brow bone. When performing a browlift, Dr Paul Gerarchi is careful to not raise the drooped eyebrow above this line or add any sort of curvature which will result in a feminine look or the appearance of overdone eyebrows. His expert skills will leave you looking younger and more rejuvenated.

How do I prepare for browlift surgery?

After reviewing your full medical history, Dr Gerarchi will determine if there are any medications or supplements that need to be stopped before undergoing surgery. It is also recommended that any smokers kick the habit at least two weeks before coming in. Smoking can not only cause unnecessary complications with your surgery but also slow down the healing process. Finally, prior to your surgery, you will receive a script for medication that will be needed post-op. It is recommended that you fill this script prior so that when you return and start your recovery process, you will be fully prepared.

What is the difference between a temporal and endoscopic browlift?

A temporal browlift is for patients who wish to have a moderate browlift as this is a less intense procedure that can be done under local anaesthetic. It is ideal for those who are looking for a mild lift along the outer portion of the brows.

An endoscopic browlift is more dramatic and requires general anaesthetic because 4 or 5 incisions are made in the hairline and a fibreoptic camera is inserted to help adjust the brow to a more youthful position.

What is a lateral brow lift?

Both an endoscopic and coronal brow lift are major procedures that entail the full lift of the brow to a more youthful position. An alternative for forehead rejuvenation is a lateral brow lift which is used for patients who have hooding of the outer aspect of the eyebrow only. A short incision is made along the temporal hairline and retaining ligaments are released with the lateral brow being re-suspended. More often than not, this procedure will be combined with the use of anti-wrinkle injections in the medial brow to give a chemical brow lift.

How long does it take to recover from a brow lift?

The recovery time is dependent on a number of factors. First is the procedure type. The traditional coronal brow lift usually takes longer because it involves a large incision being made in the head. The endoscopic and lateral brow lifts are much quicker to heal because the incisions required are very small. The initial wounds will take between 5 to 10 days at which point any sutures will be removed. You will also be able to return to normal activity at this time. You will continue to heal for several weeks thereafter and it may potentially take several months for you to fully recover.

Can men undergo a brow lift?

Yes, men can undergo brow lift surgery. Naturally, there are some physical differences between male and female faces that will influence how Dr Gerarchi performs and plans the brow lift. A male brow line is naturally lower than that of a woman’s, which can mean that when a male ages, the brow line can droop more dramatically often causing vision impairments. Brow lift surgery can restore a more youthful, refreshed look by removing excess skin and lifting underlying tissue up to a more natural position.

Also, due to the different shape of a male’s skull and forehead, a natural looking male brow will be slightly different from a female. An experienced surgeon like Dr Gerarchi will be able to adjust the procedure to deliver the best and most natural looking through this quite complex surgery.

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“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”  Lao Tzu

Meeting your surgeon

During your initial consultation, Dr Paul Gerarchi will examine your facial features, and discuss your goals and concerns with you at length to determine the best approach to achieve your desired outcomes. A unique plan will be formulated to specifically address your individual needs, while also ensuring your expectations of the procedure align with what is possible. Anti-wrinkle treatments may also be recommended at this time, as they can decrease the pressure your muscles place on the brow following your surgery. Dr Gerarchi strives to ensure all his patients leave this consultation feeling comfortable and confident in their choices.

An alternative procedure Dr Gerarchi may recommend if only the outer portions of your eyebrows are affected is a temporal brow lift. This can normally be performed under local anaesthesia.

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Your journey to a more youthful aesthetic

The results a brow lift can achieve are both long-lasting and dramatic; regular touch-up treatments will not be required. Your newly refreshed and more youthful appearance is also sure to boost your self-esteem, leaving you feeling younger and more confident for many years to come. Performed under anaesthesia, a brow lift does require a recovery period following your surgery, but this is generally shorter than other procedures.

Your brow lift journey

No two brow lifts are the same; Dr Gerarchi will identify and customise his techniques to best meet your specific concerns and desired outcomes. One commonly used technique is the endoscopic brow lift, as it yields excellent results through smaller incisions, and with minimal downtime. Performed using four or five small incisions behind the browline, a fibreoptic camera is utilised in this procedure to help Dr Gerarchi see the surgical site without the need to open the entire brow area. Normally a general anaesthesia is administered for this procedure, however local anaesthesia with sedation may be appropriate for some patients.

Your recovery

Following your brow lift it is likely you will experience some swelling and bruising, but in most cases these should subside within about a week. In some cases residual swelling may remain for a number of weeks, but this is generally not overly noticeable or uncomfortable. In fact, many patients report that they are pleasantly surprised at just how little discomfort they experience. You should be ready to return to work and other normal activities within one to two weeks following your procedure.

If you undergo an endoscopic brow lift, the bruising and swelling you experience is likely to only be quite minimal. You will experience some tenderness at the sites of the incisions for a few weeks following the procedure, but once you initial recovery period (about one week) is over, this should not be significant enough to impact on your day to day life.

In the first week following your brow lift procedure, we advise you sleep with your head and back elevated, as this helps to minimise swelling. You may experience some tightness in the brow and numbness in the forehead for several weeks following the procedure; this is normal, and both should subside. To ensure a safe and successful recovery process, please ensure you carefully follow all post-operative instructions provided to you by Dr Gerarchi.

The temporary swelling may leave you with a slightly “surprised” look for a few weeks following your surgery. As the swelling subsides, this will normalise, and your brow will descend to its new, more youthful position.

Managing your pain and recovery

All appropriate pain relief medications will be prescribed by Dr Gerarchi prior to your discharge. Our aim is to ensure your recovery period is as comfortable as possible. Should you have any concerns, or notice anything which seems to be out of the ordinary during your recovery period, we encourage you to contact us; we are only ever a phone call away.

Your post-surgical journey

Prior to your brow lift procedure, Dr Gerarchi and his team will schedule all of your follow-up appointments. These allow us to monitor your recovery, and discuss your progress in detail. Dr Paul Gerarchi and the team are committed to ensuring each and every one of our patients feels supported throughout their surgical journey and recovery, and is satisfied with the results.

If you would like to ask any further questions about our brow lift procedures or to request a consultation with Dr Paul Gerarchi, please do not hesitate to contact our office.