Dimple Creation

Smile like you mean it

A happy, healthy smile is the key ingredient to beautiful facial harmony and to how you express yourself every day.  A smile is not just about your teeth; it is about the warm and positive outlook it exudes.  Your cheeks play an important role in conveying this and a desirable feature of a smile may be the dimples it creates. If you feel like you lack confidence in your smile that a trip to the dentist cannot fix, you may feel like there is no solution and no hope.

Dimple creation is a procedure that can give you the charming and genuine dimples you desire, to increase the expression in your natural smile. Dimples are caused by a connection from the deep muscle of the cheek to the skin that only some naturally have and, in some cultures, are considered to bring good fortune. Fortunately, Dr Paul Gerarchi offers a dimple creation procedure to form small, attractive hollows in the sides of the face to emphasise your beaming smile.

Dr paul gerarchi

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Lao Tzu

Meeting your surgeon

Your initial consultation is the first step to giving your cheeks the details you desire. Dr Gerarchi works will plan and structure your procedure from start to finish in close conference with you to determine exactly the look you want to get out of your surgery and any concerns or fears you may have.  It is vital to him that his patients are well-informed and educated on the procedure, the preparation, the expected results and a safe and healthy healing process. You will leave feeling content in the knowledge that you are putting the future of your face in good hands.

Dr paul gerarchi

The approach

Males and females alike can opt for the surgery, as dimples add depth and character to the individuality of the face regardless of gender.

A close examination of your facial structure and the natural curves of your smile and cheeks will determine whether dimple creation surgery on your unique face will give you the results you desire.

Your dimple creation journey

Unlike many cosmetic procedures, dimple creation can be undertaken while you are awake using only local anaesthesia. If this is something that you find daunting or that invokes anxiety, sedation can be requested so you are blissfully unaware of the surgical process.  An incision will be made, some of the tissue will be removed and the skin is then sutured, creating a small indentation in the cheek. The procedure is quick and relatively simple, taking approximately thirty minutes to complete.

Your road to recovery

Some pain and swelling is a natural part of a surgical procedure and Dr Gerarchi and his team will do their best to ensure that your discomfort is reduced. The most crucial part of your recovery and the healing process preventing infection and excessive irritation. A special mouth rinse will be recommended to be used several times a day to keep the area clean. As Dr Gerarchi typically uses dissolvable sutures, a return trip to the clinic is not needed to have them removed. You will likely be smiling confidently again and feeling ready to return to regular activities in approximately one week.

Managing your pain and recovery

The final leg of your procedure, the healing and recovery process, can come with slight discomfort. Dr Gerarchi will ensure that necessary pain medication will be prescribed alongside an antibiotic to prevent infection as the incisions heal and the sutures dissolve. You will be required to return to the clinic for a check-up to ensure there is progress in the healing process and to ensure that the results align with your hopes.

While dimple creation surgery seems like a simple procedure, there are actually several techniques that can be used to suit your face and desired outcome. Selecting an experienced surgeon like Dr Gerarchi for your procedure is your first step to achieving a beautiful, natural look. To learn more, contact our friendly team today.