Jaw Implants

Small changes for a dramatic improvement

A defined, squared jaw is traditionally considered a striking feature of masculinity and maturity. However, females too can experience dissatisfaction with the proportional harmony of their face this can leave both genders with the desire to make a change.

Jaw implants is a procedure offered by Dr Paul Gerarchi that can give your face the definition, and strength you need. The surgery can correct a ‘weak’ jaw, or a jaw that is not in balance with the neck, chin and cheek bones for both men and women, each with different, individualised shapes and outcomes. Dr Gerarchi will work to enhance and uncover your natural jawline, to give you the striking profile you deserve.

Dr paul gerarchi

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Lao Tzu

Meeting your surgeon

In choosing an experienced surgeon who has already helped many achieve their cosmetic goals, you have taken the correct first step in the journey towards a striking jaw. It is important, when deciding how you want your future jaw to look, to consider your existing, natural bone-structure and ensure the most natural results. It is encouraged that patients express any questions or concerns they may have about the procedure, the recovery and the result to ease any anxiety. Dr Gerarchi works thoroughly with his patients so their cosmetic journey is smooth, informed and comfortable. For this reason, it is recommended that some small lifestyle changes are made – including quitting smoking – to minimise potential complications.

Dr paul gerarchi

Your jaw implant journey

The day of the surgery can evoke stress and nervousness in patients. Dr Gerarchi and his team will do their absolute best to help ease your fears and to guide you through the steps comfortably. As it is a day procedure, you are able to return home to recover in the familiarity and security of your own home. Jaw implants are inserted using either a local anaesthesia with sedation, or general anaesthesia depending on your health records and on your prior consultation.

Incisions will be made inside the mouth where the cheeks meet the lower gums. Once the implants are meticulously placed and adjusted to your natural jaw line, sutures are used to close the incisions and you are ready to begin your recovery. Dr Gerarchi operates at the highest standards and with the utmost attention to detail so you can be confident in your decision and in your new reflection.

Beginning life with your new jaw

Although now the surgical part of the journey is over, it is important you are careful during the healing process. The jaw is an important part of the function and expression of the face and patients can seek comfort in the knowledge that they may be surprised in the speed and ease of your body’s ability to heal and mend after the surgery.

A follow-up appointment will be made one to weeks after your surgery to remove any dressings and you will begin to see some of the results you have waited for.

It is likely that some visible swelling will still be present, but with a little patience and with the expert post-operative instructions given by Dr Gerarchi, your recovery will be as swift as possible, and your results exciting.

As with other surgeries, it is advised that you minimise any extra strain on your body and on the area for approximately six weeks afterwards. Any excess activity will result in prolonged swelling. A safe recovery and the healing of the incisions is of utmost importance, so giving yourself time to rest properly without strenuous exercise or nicotine, and using regular mouth rinses is strongly recommended.

Managing your pain and recovery

In order to minimise your discomfort and to enable a recovery as pain-free as possible, necessary pain relief will be prescribed by Dr Gerarchi. Early on, discomfort is commonly felt when opening the mouth wide or chewing.

You can be assured that the course of medication will be tailored to your body and individual situation as well as your medical history. His innovative surgical techniques offer you excellent and effective results and his commitment to quality of care ensures you are supported throughout the entire process.

Your post-surgical journey

Appointments will be scheduled for the weeks following your surgery and will allow Dr Gerarchi to closely and expertly monitor your progress.

Regular communication between patient and surgeon is not only advised, but also encouraged, to facilitate a healthy recovery and patient comfort in your medical support network for all queries and concerns you may have.

For any questions about jaw implants, or any of the procedures offered by Dr Paul Gerarchi, please feel free to contact the clinic to learn more.