Lip Lift

Love the lips you’re in

Your appearance can be affected by a myriad of different external and internal factors, including the natural ageing process and exposure to the sun. Lips can become thinner, longer, lower or down-turned and can make the overall appearance of your face seem worried, angry or aged over time.  Feeling like your lips do not reflect your overall facial harmony? Has the distance between your nose and lip become extremely long? Do you feel a sense of frustration every time you look in the mirror?

A lip lift is a procedure offered by experienced facial plastic surgeon Dr Paul Gerarchi and can help you to restore the beautiful, youthful contours of your mouth. The procedure can highlight the curves of your upper lip,shorten your upper lip, and leave your lips in an aesthetically pleasing shape.

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“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Lao Tzu

The results you deserve

Choosing the right procedure for your needs is imperative in your overall satisfaction at the end of your journey. Another popular option for those experiencing displeasure with their thinning mouth are dermal fillers, which create fullness and add shape.

Not all faces are the same and not all patients’ lips may not be the right shape to see the results from dermal fillers.

For these patients, the result might appear unnatural, disproportionate and not help to achieve the look they want. A consultation with an experienced cosmetic surgeon like Dr Gerarchi will help you to determine whether your lips could benefit from a lip lift.

Meeting your surgeon

Your journey to your new, beautiful lip begins with a consultation with Dr Paul Gerarchi to carefully determine whether the look of your lip can be improved by a lip lift. Your goals and desires for your new look will be taken into account to ensure the most harmonious and satisfying result. As with all cosmetic procedures, your full medical history will be discussed at your consultation so that your surgery is safe and successful.

Throughout the entire process, you are encouraged to voice any concerns or any questions you may have. Dr Gerarchi will be able to give expertly give answers and advice and you can be content with the knowledge that you have chosen a surgeon with the highest standards of care.

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Your lip lift journey

A lip lift is performed using local anaesthesia and Dr Gerarchi and his team will do their best to make the experience of surgery day pleasant and stress-free. If you are uncomfortable with being conscious during the procedure, you may consider discussing sedation at your initial consultation.

For a central lip lift, a small incision will be made beneath the nose, removing excess skin and creating a shorter distance between the nose and the lip.

For a corner lip lift, a small incision will be made at either corner of your mouth within the lip-line to disguise any potential scarring. Both corners are then lifted with meticulous care and held in their new positions with sutures, and creating a pleasant resting expression.

Completed in approximately 90 minutes or less, both procedures will leave no visible scarring and deliver an outstanding final look.

Your recovery

A healthy recovery is one of the most important parts of your lip lift journey and Dr Gerarchi will ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. Swelling, bruising and tenderness are a natural part of your body’s response to surgery, but you may begin to see the stunning results within three to four days.

As a convenience in more minor surgeries, dissolvable sutures will be used and you will not have to return to the clinic to have them removed. However, a follow up appointment will be scheduled to ensure that the surgical site is healing properly and that the results are meeting both your and your surgeon’s expectation.

Rest and care will help you to recover and quickly as possible, so a diet of soft foods and a restriction on strenuous physical activity is recommended to avoid irritating the area and to minimise potential scarring.

You will also be advised to restrict your diet to soft foods the first few days to avoid irritating the area. Caring for the incisions will be very important to minimise any visible scarring underneath the nose and to give your body the best chance to fight any possible infection.

Managing your pain and recovery

All patients of Dr Gerarchi receive an outstanding level of attention to detail to facilitate a satisfying journey and result, start to finish. To ensure you are comfortable during the recovery, pain medication will be prescribed for the days immediately following the surgery.

Oral antibiotics may also be prescribed to assist in the healing process and as an extra defence against infection. Discussing additional medication with your surgeon is always advised as medication can interfere with the procedure or hinder your journey to recovery.

A lip lift can offer both dramatic and long-lasting results, leaving you with an overall more youthful and radiant appearance. To learn more about this procedure or find out if it is the right choice for you, contact us to schedule your personal consultation with Dr Gerarchi today.