Short Scar (Mini) Facelift

Restore and reshape your lower face

There is no escaping the effect time eventually has on our skin. If you are looking for a dramatic facial lift, but not to the extent of a full facelift, a short scar facelift provides excellent results. Also known as a ‘mini’ lift, the short scar procedure is suited to those looking for restore shape in the lower part of their face. Considerably less invasive than a full lift, a mini facelift still reaps many of the same benefits, and has a shorter downtime period.

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“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Lao Tzu

Meeting your surgeon

During your initial consultation, Dr Gerarchi will assess your individual situation and formulate a plan to specifically address your specific concerns. He will discuss with you what needs to be done in order to achieve your desired result, as well as what is what you can reasonably expect from a short scar facelift procedure. All your questions will be answered and are encouraged, so you leave your first appointment feeling comfortable with your choice of procedure and plastic surgeon to perform it.

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Preparing for your short scar facelift

The approach to each lift is unique, resting upon your individual facial structure and specific concerns. During your journey with us, you will continue to learn more about your tailored procedure. Through thorough understanding, you will feel confident in both your choice of cosmetic procedure and surgeon. Dr Gerarchi aims to align the procedure to your aesthetic desires as closely as possible, with results to last the test of time. You will still look like yourself, only with natural-looking changes as to keep your mini lift a subtle change.

What to expect

Your short scar facelift experience will provide you with lasting results. By targeting the SMAS and tissues beneath the skin’s surface, Dr Gerarchi is able to ensure the look you receive will last. Post-procedure, your skin will begin to look more healthy and youthful thanks to the diminished appearance of wrinkles and lines. Tighter, lifted cheeks and a more defined chin area will boost your confidence and restore vitality once the recovery process is complete.

Scarring will occur, though it is kept to a minimum. To maximise aesthetic harmony, the scars are able to be disguised in the natural folds of skin around the ears and within the hairline. Side effects include swelling, bruising and tenderness and are fairly typical. All side effects should subside in the weeks following your surgery.

Catering to your needs and desires

It is possible to combine your mini facelift procedure with other treatments or procedures to achieve even more dramatic results. Whether it is a neck lift, brow lift, or a nonsurgical treatment, there are many options which work harmoniously with this procedure to fulfill your cosmetic goals and give you the beautifully natural results you desire. This can be approached in the consultation also.

Your procedure will be tailored to suit your specific needs. Fine tuning your procedure to ensure that your concerns are answered and that you are happy with your new look is fundamental to Dr Gerarchi and his team’s process. Our team is driven by the promise of a positive, safe and effective experience.

Your short scar facelift journey

There are a number of reasons the short scar facelift is less invasive than a traditional facelift procedure:

  • The placement and size of the incisions: The incisions are placed just inside the hairline, in front of the ear. This discreet placement works around the contours of your hairline and ear, allowing for very minimal scarring. Smaller incisions also allow for less recovery time, a bonus for those who cannot afford an extended recovery period.
  • The area addressed during surgery: The short scar facelift procedure targets only the lower section of the face, in contrast to traditional facelift surgery, which targets the face as a whole. While this means the mini facelift is less dramatic, it does also reduce the invasiveness of the procedure, and the recovery time.

Once the incisions are made, the cheek tissue is lifted and tightened into a desirable position to produce a more youthful facial contour.

Your jaw and chin will also be lifted and defined, leaving the lower part of the face looking more refreshed.

Once the deep layers have been targeted, excess skin is removed and the new position is secured with sutures. The entire mini facelift process takes approximately two to three hours to complete.

Your Recovery

Your recovery may take up to three weeks, but exact timeframes vary between patients. It is likely you will experience some bruising and swelling, since this is common with any type of surgical procedure. These side effects can be minimised by sleeping in a slightly elevated position, and by applying a cold pack to the affected areas. Redness, sensitivity and skin tightness after surgery may also occur. This is considered normal and will dissipate as time passes. As your recovery progresses, the skin will begin to adapt to the new position to foster both natural and beautiful results.

Your post-surgical journey

The mini facelift procedure allows you to return home the same day as surgery. A compression garment may be required post-surgery to aid in successful healing. We recommend you organise your post-surgery recovery in detail prior to the day of the procedure. This will ensure a smooth transition from hospital to home, with necessary support from friends and family. The more you can relax and rest after your surgery, the more successful your recovery will be.

Managing your pain and recovery

To guarantee your recovery period is as comfortable and efficient as possible, pain relief medication may be prescribed by Dr Gerarchi. It is important to notify Dr Gerarchi when purchasing any medications that are not prescribed, as certain medications may inhibit the healing process. Our primary goal post-surgery is to ensure your recovery is as safe and restful as possible.

After your surgery

Follow-up appointments will be organised by Dr Gerarchi before your procedure takes place, in order to have stress-levels post-surgery at a minimum. During these appointments, Dr Gerarchi will closely monitor your progress and address any concerns which may arise.

If you have any questions regarding the short scar (mini) facelift procedure, please do not hesitate to contact our office.