Fractured Nose Repair

Restoring your features to their beautiful, natural state

Your face is a key part of how you are perceived by, and communicate with, others. A significant trauma to the nose involving bone and cartilage, such as a sports injury, fall, assault or accident, can completely disrupt the symmetrical harmony of your face. It can also affect the function of your nose.

Fractured nose repair is a common surgical procedure and can help to restore your nose to the way that nature had intended and to re-align it with the rest of your features.  Choosing an experienced surgeon is imperative to having the best chance of restoring the look and functionality of your nose. Dr Paul Gerarchi works closely with his patients throughout the process, from determining problems in consultation through to recovery. With vast expertise in treating fractured noses, you will experience the highest levels of professionalism and care so you can breathe easy.

Dr paul gerarchi

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Lao Tzu

Meeting your surgeon

Your journey will begin with a physical examination of your nose and an investigation of your symptoms and your experienced difficulties. Sometimes, a CT scan or X-ray is necessary to examine the extent of the trauma you have suffered and the condition of your nasal bone and cartilage. As Dr Gerarchi’s experience in dealing with procedures of the nose and face is extensive and of the highest class, often his physical assessment and examination is enough and treatment can begin without delay.

Dr paul gerarchi

Your journey to a repaired nose

Your treatment will be tailored to your particular needs and condition and will be accompanied by the experience of a highly experienced surgeon and team.

A safe and successful procedure is of the utmost importance to achieving natural and long-lasting results.

Once you have identified your injury and had an assessment and diagnosis, the best specific treatment and procedure options will be determined by Dr Paul Gerarchi to set you and your nose on the path to success.

What to expect from the procedure

The thought of having surgery on the centre of your face can certainly be daunting for some. Dr Gerarchi will ensure that you are well-informed on the day of the procedure and are comfortable and calm. Fractured nose repair is most comfortably performed under a brief  general anaesthetic. Most surgeries undertaken use a closed nasal function reduction that involves small incisions inside the nose, eliminating visible scarring. Once out of surgery, the healing and check-up process is crucial to ensure a successful road to recovery.  A cast will be placed on the face to support the nose after its repair Although no stitches need to be removed, Dr Gerarchi and his team will be with you every step of the way, guaranteeing support, expertise and care to facilitate a recovery process that is as hassle, stress and pain-free as possible.

Important things to remember

Certain activities may be limited to give you the best results and assist in a swift recovery and harmonious results. Naturally, it is important not to touch the area; including blowing, bumping or scratching the affected area. It is also important to minimise impact or strain on the area through physical activity in the days following your procedure. Detailed and carefully planned instructions will be given to you on post-surgical care of your new nose.

Medication and pain relief

Your transition back to a normal life will be made as smoothly as possible by Dr Gerarchi. Medication will be prescribed to the patient to manage any pain that occurs during the final leg of your journey. It is recommended that you avoid additional over-the-counter medications such as Ibuprofen or Aspirin to lessen bleeding and bruising to ensure the healthiest and fastest recovery possible.

If you have suffered a nasal fracture, allow us to care for you throughout the diagnosis, treatment and healing process. To learn more about how we treat nasal fractures in Sydney, contact Dr Gerarchi today.