Nasal Reconstructive Surgery

So you can breathe easy again

Imperfections of the face can be of significant cosmetic and functional concern and can instil in you a feeling of discontent and frustration in your appearance. Your nose is the most central part of your face and is a key aspect in ensuring a strong overall facial structure. Comprising of complex grooves and ridges and an imperative part of the breathing function, any procedures of the nose need to be handled with the utmost care by the most dedicated and experienced surgeon.

Nasal reconstructive surgery is a treatment specialised by Dr Paul Gerarchi to correct problems of the nose and to restore any cosmetic issues you may be experiencing. Your exciting journey to the nose you desire begins with your choice of a skilled surgeon.

Dr paul gerarchi

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Lao Tzu

Meeting your surgeon

The day of your initial consultation will be one where you can work with your surgeon to determine the results that you crave. Dr Gerarchi will perform a thorough examination of your nose and encourage an open dialogue to pinpoint your specific cosmetic and functional goals and to address any concerns or questions you may have. He may request an X-ray to decide the damage, and to conclude the specific repairs or procedures your nose needs. No part of the journey will be without your informed and educated input, so you can realise the facial harmony you desire.

Dr paul gerarchi

Regaining your facial harmony

Surgery day can be a stressful time for some patients and Dr Gerarchi and his team will help you to feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Depending on the nature of the surgery and on your consultation, the procedure may happen under general or local anaesthesia. More intensive surgeries may require an overnight stay in hospital so you can be monitored. Thankfully for some, you will be able to return home afterwards to relax and rest in the comfort of your own home. Surgery time can vary and, as Dr Gerarchi is intentional and meticulous in his approach, can often take a number of hours.

Your recovery

Now that the complicated consultation and surgery are over, it is vital you give your body the rest it needs to facilitate a healthy recovery. A cast or splint is likely to be used in the area to minimise irritation and to hold the nose in its correct position and will be removed at your scheduled follow-up appointment. Sutures used during the procedures will usually dissolve after one or two weeks, meaning you don’t have to go through the uncomfortable process of having them removed.  Your connection with your surgeon doesn’t stop at the surgery; Dr Gerarchi will schedule several follow-up appointments to achieve his goal of ensuring you are well cared for, and to achieve your goal of a new, gorgeous, functional nose.

Your post-surgical journey

As the nose is an important part of the functionality and expression of the face, you will be recommended to avoid causing it excess stress, including physical activity or blowing, touching and bumping the area.  To ease any tenderness you may experience, pain medication and antibiotics will be prescribed, ensuring the final leg of your journey is as comfortable as the rest. Any additional medication – including over-the-counter pain-killers –  must be discussed with your surgeon, as they may hinder the efficiency and safety of your recovery. Dr Gerarchi considers it vital to keep communication avenues open, so it is encouraged that any questions you have or clarification you need are addressed by calling the clinic directly.

Managing your pain and recovery

You will likely require prescription pain medication in the early days following your procedure to keep you comfortable during your recovery. Dr Gerarchi will also prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection as your nose heals. You may also be advised to avoid some medications and supplements before and after your surgery for a period of time that could increase bleeding and bruising. The primary aim is to ensure your surgery and recovery are comfortable and free from complications.

If you have any questions about our nasal reconstructive surgery, or to request a consultation with Dr Paul Gerarchi, please do not hesitate to contact our office.