Enhancing the aesthetics and harmony of your face

Your nose is the centrepiece of your face, and a key element in the harmony of your features. For those who feel the aesthetics of their nose do not marry perfectly with their other facial features, this imbalance of harmony can be a source of despair.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures, and can correct numerous perceived defects, including shape, projection and prominence of the nose, or injuries incurred later in life. In spite of the common nature of this procedure, the results you will achieve are very much dependent on the skill of the surgeon you choose.


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“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Lao Tzu

Meeting your surgeon

During your consultation, Dr Gerarchi will assess your nose and case in detail. Realistic expectations will be drawn in order for you to understand what can and cannot be achieved with surgery. The main aim of surgery is to achieve your desired cosmetic result, whilst also ensuring your nasal function is maintained or improved. Understanding your wants and needs is a crucial part of Dr Gerarchi’s initial consultation with you. You can rest assured he will listen your concerns and desired results in order to customise your procedure to your specific situation.

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Preparing for your rhinoplasty

It is advised that you cease smoking and drinking two weeks prior to your surgery, as these can thin the blood and cause excessive bleeding during and following your surgery. It is also recommended that you prepare for your recovery prior to your surgery, creating a comfortable place where you can relax; stock up the fridge and fill prescriptions to make your recovery at home as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Your rhinoplasty journey

During your rhinoplasty journey, you can expect support, education, answers and the best level of care. The focus will be on both improving your function and your appearance, to give you the most natural, long-lasting results possible. Dr Gerarchi is a very experienced rhinoplasty surgeon who performs multiple rhinoplasty procedures every week. His state-of-the-art surgical techniques and commitment to the highest level of patient care will give you confidence your procedure will be both safe and successful.

Your journey to facial harmony

There are two ways a rhinoplasty procedure can be performed:

The Closed Technique:

This technique involves incisions within the nose, ensuring no visible scarring following your procedure. Despite its benefits, the closed technique comes with certain limitations which you and Dr Gerarchi will need to consider prior to your surgery.

The Open Technique:

This approach offers superior access to the internal structure of your nose via a small incision at the base of the nose, between the nostrils. Dr Gerarchi will hide the incision within the curve of the nose to ensure that the scar isn’t noticeable. The open technique allows for more dramatic structural changes, which may be the best way to address your specific concerns and give you the best cosmetic outcome overall.

Dr Gerarchi will advise you of as to the benefits and shortfallings of each technique for your unique needs.

Whichever method is decided on, your procedure will likely be performed as a day surgery.

Some patients do require an overnight stay after their procedure and Dr Gerarchi will discuss this option with you if he thinks it might be the safest way to perform your surgery.

The ultimate goal is to improve the look and functionality of your nose, with positive results which will last you a lifetime.

Therefore, the decisions made in regards to your surgery are made with your safety and desired results in mind.

Catering to your needs and desires

Male vs. Female Rhinoplasty

Facial characteristics vary between men and women. While the reasons to pursue rhinoplasty may be similar and the basic surgical techniques are the same, the subtle differences between the male and female nose need to be considered to ensure a successful and natural result. Males tend to have a slightly larger nose, with wider nostrils, a more convex dorsum and prominent traits. Females, on the other hand, generally have a smaller or more petite nose, being straight on with a subtle slope to the bridge and smaller nostrils. Dr Gerarchi takes these characteristics into account when tailoring your procedure to your specific facial proportions and overall look.

Asian and Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Your appearance is genetically determined. People of Asian and other ethnic backgrounds are susceptible to having wider nostrils or significantly underprojected or overprojected bridges, resulting in a nose which may not blend with the rest of their facial features.

It is essential to find a facial plastic surgeon with a specific specialisation working with patients of Asian descent. Dr Gerarchi works with patients from a variety of cultures and backgrounds, and will ensure the corrections he makes are proportionate to the rest of your facial features. While the goal is to change to overall appearance of the nose, keeping the results natural and in harmony with the rest of the face is essential to ensuring results you are satisfied with.

To achieve the best results, rhinoplasty must be catered to the individual look and natural structure of your face. For instance, people of Middle Eastern descent generally notice a more bulbous tip and larger profile in their shape, whereas people of Asian descent notice a wider, more rounded tip and a more subtle profile due to their smaller bridge.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to rhinoplasty, particularly when dealing with patients of different ethnicity. It is vital that your national descent is not erased by your surgical procedure. Instead, you want your rhinoplasty to complement and enhance your appearance by providing a new shape that suits and blends with the rest of your face. Dr Gerarchi understands each nose and face needs to be assessed and treated differently, ensuring you will receive a personalised surgical plan to meet your specific needs and desired results.

Your Recovery

Following your rhinoplasty surgery, you will likely be sent home with a cast on your nose to provide protection whilst your healing takes place. Stitches will be used to close the incision between the nostrils, which will be removed at your follow-up appointment a week or two later. Rest assured that any sutures placed inside the nose will dissolve on their own after a prescribed amount of time – usually five or six weeks after the procedure.

You will likely experience some swelling, bruising and tenderness around the nose, cheeks and eye area after surgery. This will start to subside in the days following your procedure and will completely disappear within a matter of weeks. Splints may be placed inside your nose by Dr Gerarchi if needed and will later be removed at your follow-up appointment.

To make your recovery more comfortable and help the healing process, Dr Gerarchi will advise you to sleep on your back with your head elevated. Applying a cold pack to the eyes will also help to alleviate swelling and bruising on the face. Depending on your reaction to the procedure, bruising around the eyes may last up to two weeks. Therefore, we recommend using Hirudoid cream to help with bruising and we will provide you with your own supply to use after surgery. The majority of our patients feel confident to return to a more public lifestyle approximately two weeks following their surgery.

Congestion is a common side effect after rhinoplasty. It may last the majority of your recovery (up to six weeks) and is nothing to be worried over. It is also common to notice a little blood mixed in your drainage fluid during the first few days of recovery. Itchiness, numbness and a stiff upper lip are all common aspects which you may experience during your recovery and are perfectly normal. All of the above fades over time and will leave you with the result you are hoping for.

Your post-surgical journey

As with all surgery, following the detailed instructions provided by Dr Gerarchi will ensure your recovery is as efficient as possible.As with all surgery, following the detailed instructions provided by Dr Gerarchi will ensure your recovery is as efficient as possible.

  • All physical activity which may cause harm or interfere with the nose and face during the recovery period should be avoided. Smoking and drinking alcohol are also prohibited for at least two weeks, since these substances can impact the body’s healing process.
  • Taking care of your nose after surgery is vital. Avoid bumping, touching and hitting the nose to avoid complications during the recovery process.
  • Glasses should not be worn for the first three weeks to avoid excess pressure on the nose.
  • Blowing the nose and sneezing should be avoided as it has the potential to disrupt your surgery in the early stages. If a sneeze cannot be avoided, try to expel as much as possible through your mouth whilst not blocking the nose, as this will cause damage to the fragile internal features of the nasal passage.
  • Due to the sensitive natural of the skin around the nose area post-surgery, Dr Gerarchi advises the use of sunscreen for the few months post procedure.
  • Vigorous exercise and contact sports should be avoided for at least two months in order to allow complete healing. However, other daily activities can likely be resumed within about two weeks.

Managing your pain and recovery

Dr Gerarchi will prescribe the use of both oral and topical antibiotics after surgery to minimise your risk of infection. Pain relieving medication may also prescribed to alleviate any discomfort you might experience in the first few days following your procedure.

As always, Dr Gerarchi will discuss the potential side effects of all prescribed and over-the-counter medication during your pre- and post-surgery consultation to ensure there is no adverse side-effects with your post-operative medications or your recovery process.

Follow-up appointments

Before surgery, your follow-up appointments will be scheduled with Dr Gerarchi. Dr Gerarchi and his team will also explain what you can expect from your recovery process so as to prepare you for this time prior to your surgery. As always, you should contact us if you experience any unusual symptoms which are not covered in your post-operative instructions.

In the weeks following your surgery, the results of your rhinoplasty procedure will begin to emerge. These results will be both natural and permanent. Having the right support and care before, during and after your rhinoplasty will make all the difference in the safety and success of your procedure.


If you have any questions regarding a rhinoplasty procedure in Sydney, contact our clinic on 02 8279 6559 and speak to one of our friendly team. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.