Facial Feminisation Surgery

The human face is structured in a way that we recognise ‘male’ or ‘female,’ and ‘young’ or ‘old’ within a fraction of a second.  Sometimes these defining aspects do not align with your gender.  Facial feminisation, or facial masulinisation surgery can help you to achieve the look you desire to reflect your true self.

Dr Paul Gerarchi works closely with the existing beautiful features of your face to ensure a natural and harmonious result. Alterations of the forehead, cheeks, nose, lips, eyes and jaw and other features can assist in creating a more feminine appearance.

As an expert in cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries of the head and neck, patients can be assured that Dr Gerarchi will deliver a result of the utmost quality and care.  With dedicated and personalised consultations, patients can then make informed decisions about the bright future of their face.

facial feminisation surgery

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An incision is made either on or behind the hairline (depending on whether or not the hairline position needs to be altered) in order to access the forehead area. Each procedure is dependant on the patient but most commonly the brow bone is reconstructed to reduce its size while the orbital bones are reshaped to reduce masculine characteristics. In many cases the frontal bone situated between the eyebrows, is removed, shaped and then reattached in order that it not interfere with underlying sinuses. If it is necessary for the forehead to be reshaped in order to fill out a ridge or concavity, then a synthetic material will be used to create a more rounded shape. This procedure is commonly performed in conjunction with a brow life or hairline restoration due to the location of the incision. Deep sutures will dissolve naturally with external sutures needing to be removed at a follow-up appointment five days after the surgery.

An Adam’s apple reduction involves an incision in the throat just below the chin. The vertical muscles of the throat are separated in order to expose the Adam’s apple and the tracheal cartilage is then shaved to reduce its size. It is imperative that the Adam’s apple reduction be performed correctly by a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. If performed incorrectly, it is possible for the tracheal cartilage to grow back partially. For this reason, techniques that place the incisions of the front surface of the throat where potential scarring may occur, are not ideal.

A hairline lowering procedure offers many advantages to patients looking to reposition their hairline further down on their forehead. Lowering the hairline has many benefits that affect the overall aesthetic of the face including that it can dramatically reduce forehead size, improve facial proportions and increase self-esteem, particularly for those who were self-conscious about their hairline. This surgery is typically performed in about 2 hours and involved a short recovery time with rapid results and a well-concealed incision. For the most optimal cosmetic outcome, a hair-transplant may also be recommended to further advance the hairline or camouflage any visible scarring.