Facial Reconstruction

Healing both internally and externally

Perhaps you suffered a trauma which has left your with painful physical reminders; or it could be that you’ve carried a physical malformation from birth. Regardless of your reasons for seeking facial reconstructive surgery, this procedure is a life-changing step on your journey to healing yourself from the inside out, aligning your physical appearance with your inner beauty.

Each and every facial reconstruction case is unique, and requires the utmost care and attention to detail to ensure the very best possible outcome is achieved. It is of utmost importance that your surgical journey is approached from a big picture perspective. A multi-faceted approach is often required, addressing multiple concerns in a single surgery.

Dr Paul Gerarchi uses a range of highly advanced techniques, both surgical and non-surgical, to help his patients achieve the facial harmony they deserve. When it is required, he will consult with other surgeons who are also specialists in their fields and take a collaborative approach to the surgery in order to provide you with the very highest level of care, ensuring the optimum outcome.

Your facial reconstructive surgery journey

While your facial reconstructive surgery journey will be tailored to perfectly address your unique goals and concerns, it may include one, or several of the procedures listed below. To explore each further, follow the links.

For more information on how facial reconstructive surgery could benefit you, or to request a consultation, contact our friendly team today. We consider our role in your reconstructive journey an important one, and feel privileged to assist you during this time.